Friday, June 24, 2011

Back, baby !!!!!

Its been one week since I have stopped blogging...Kinda lost the mood....But,well, I'm still blogging to elevate both stress and boredom...XDXD
                 Anyway, just for updates, I managed to get into the Prefectorial Board...XDXD Got back my old comm as well...Cool!! Its cool to meet my old friends and juniors( whoops, maybe I should call them my seniors now XD) in the board....Anyway, my senior is Chee Hoe...He is a good guy and he really refreshed me a lot on what to do in the board coz I was kinda blur when I started...
                 Anyway, besides that, work is beginning to pile up....To others, it may be hard to believe 5 subjects can do this much, but believe me, I'm working up more sweat now X(...However, I can still cope and I thank God for that...XD...Besides that, I managed to get into the coco units I wanted...=)
                Anyway ( gotta stop using this word), today, I had an outing with my friends. Some of them will be heading back overseas..T.T...Anyway, had an awesome time with them. Special thanks to Sam for that spicy surprise ( will blog about that later. I'm still feeling the burn...haha)..Anyway, before I forget


               Well, that's all for now...Cheers and I hope that I can bring in more pictures into this blog....XDXD

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


To me, camps are a usual thing to me now....So, I joined the Sinmal camp 2011 at Port Dickson during the past four days even though I was a bit hesitant about participating in it at first.
               Since the bus to Sinmal was to set off at 4.00am, me and my friends decided to sleep in HQ during the previous night. We arrived at SJK(C), Chung Hua at 8.30am before registering. We were all excited as this was a chance to meet up with people from other states as well as members from Singapore.
               However, as soon as it started, I realized I was in deep trouble...>.<
               Firstly, the medium language of the camp was mandarin.....THE HECK??!?!?! At first, I thought it was gonna be English. So, it kinda sucked as I could barely understand what the facilitators were talking about...Luckily, my team mates were kind enough to translate for me when I was totally clueless.....
               Wait, it gets even better.....meals on the first day were kinda lame.....For dinner on the first day, I was given a plate of white rice with a bit of spinach and one ( yes, don't be shocked by that) wanton....DO YOU KNOW HOW FREAKIN SMALL THAT PATHETIC WANTON IS?!?!?!??!?!? Heck, it was even smaller than my eyeball..=.=' Its as though food was in short supply...BUT NO!!!!, when I left, there was still a huge amount of wanton left..... However, meals got better each and every day...So, no complaining there....
                Besides that, the first day didn't leave a good impression for me.....After the opening ceremony, we were given a lecture regarding finance management... =.=''' Wow, didn't know that could happen in a fun camp....Next, it was in ( you guessed it), mandarin...So, I was kinda fishing the whole way.....
                Then, we were introduced to a kinda fun ( but it was a bit lame) session, in which we mimicked a group of dancers on stage who were dancing to a few songs...At first, it was ok....until they repeated the session for another three times. This reeally got on my nerves as it was both physically and mentally torturing. During campfire, they played the same set of songs for the whole two hours of campfire.....=.='''...It was fun at first, but it get boring and mind wreaking very quickly...Imagine listening to Gee by SNSD for 10 FREAKIN times during ONE DAY ONLY!!!!!
               There were also a bit of issues with the management....However, lets not look at the negative aspect of the camp.....It WAS FUN in many other ways...
               First of all, I manage to meet new friends during this camp....Some of them are from Singapore....So, I managed to learn a bit more about Singapore through them..Station games were fun and educational. ( managed to learn how to make 'roti lilin'). Beach games were the same as well..... I also managed to gain experience and information on turtles....I also had the chance of digging a hole and burying the eggs just like how a turtle does it...Besides that, I managed to hold a real turtle...XD
              However, nothing beats the fact that I managed to play paintball for the first time..XDXDXD Even though we lost ( due to our team being disqualified), I was still happy that I managed to hit somebody with the marker ( Headshot..XDD) However, it was kinda sad that a few of my friends couldn't enjoy it due to malfunctioned markers.
             Overall, this year's Sinmal camp was a bittersweet experience...For Rm130, I'm not quite sure whether it's worth it but it was indeed an enjoyable experience...=)

Monday, May 16, 2011


Boy, what a week it was.. I thought it was gonna be smooth sailing but well, it seems its the monsoon season now...
         Last week, Form.6 started...Okok, orientation was just like how anyone would expect it. At least there were games and ice breakers to lighten up the mood. So, anyway, I've chosen physics and I'm now in LSS1.. That was on Thursday and that was the last day of my peaceful times of holidays..:(
       Already, I have two assignments and a lot of things to handle.. As stressed out as I am ( count the pimples, man), I'm actually getting used to it. Okok, I'm missing my holidays but I rather be busy and to overload my brain than letting it rot like mad. So, I 'm wecoming form.6, baby XDXDXD
         On the bright side, I was like lmao when I watched the parody of Friday by JJ and Ean...Gotta love them..XD It's called Monday and it very funny and good....haha
         Back to the topic, I might not be able to blog for the next couple of days ( or weeks, maybe months..) but let's see first...

Monday, May 9, 2011

A new beginning

Well, after 5 months, my holidays are at an end.( Once again; NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!) At the beginning, I was wondering on how to make use of my holidays. In the middle, I was bored. Now, in the end, I missed them.
              However, I have no regrets and I'm ready to move forward towards the next chapter in my life. Anyway, I have done a lot and obtained a lot of skills and knowledge during these blissfully long months, especially house chores and cooking. I didn't know I could have so much fun during this time. The many outings that I had with my friends were epic and fun...It was also fun to help and spectate in the Area and State comp...Nice to see things from another perspective  But, alas, good things must come to an end. Starting next week, I will be going to school for Form.6. I'm not sure whether I'll be staying or going. However, I ain't burning my bridges. XP.....Oh well, I will miss the long holidays but gotta face facts ; rotting is worse than studying....Anyway, I'm still gonna put my faith in God and see where He will guide me in life...=)

Cheers for now....

Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Celebration

Ok.... This happened exactly a week ago.. However, I'm still gonna blog about it coz it was awesome!!! This year, my church's Easter celebration theme was There is Hope in Christ Jesus!!!
           When I arrived at church, I met up with Soon Keat and the others. Then, when we waited for a while at the hall until the games were started by Doreen. We were divided into groups and were tasked on putting together pieces of a puzzle. Since I was in the largest group, we got the largest puzzle... In the end, the puzzle were three crosses and the verse of John 3:16.
          Then, it was worship time. After singing and praising was the sketch and dance. Both were awesome and meaningful as there was a message behind both the sketch and dance.
           Then, it was the speaker's time. This year, Pastor Elijah from FGA gave his Sermon for the Easter Celebration. His message was also great as he talked about true love, shown by our Heavenly Father to us.
           After that, a few of us came to the front to be prayed. During this time, I was reminded on how much God loves us and knows about us. Even as two of my church members laid their hands on me, I was really amazed that both of them knew what problems I was facing even though I just told them I had confusion in my heart. Praise be to God that He knows everything about me and that He is always with us . Thanks, Wai Kit and William Chin for praying for me =)
          The entire event ended with refreshments. However, I left early as I was tired from helping out in State Comp and I had another day to go.
          Overall, this year's Easter celebration was a success. I really thank God for allowing me to celebrate this year's Easter and to be reminded once again of His unfailing love towards us...=)
The speaker, Pastor Elijah... ( My bad for the picture quality coz I was at the back XD)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Déjà vu

Yeah, it was indeed deja vu when I became a helper once again for the 55th Annual State First Aid and Nursing Competition that was held last weekend. However, besides Don, Cham and Eric also took part as helpers in this year's comp..
          Technically, we were supposed to be under the administration section led by Mr. Kevin Peter. Unofficially, we were also there to 'fill in the blanks', meaning, we're replacements for any missing officers...XD. Anyway, this was what we did during that weekend..

Day 1:
-Registered both st. john junior & state comp competitors
-Checked their kits
-Bought lunch for officers ( me & Eric only XD). Epic thing was that lunch was paid by state hq...XDXD. -Treated my buddies and my boss to 100 plus as well
-Arranged the stretcher drill course
-Timekeeper for stretcher drill ( Don and Eric were the 'lucky ones' XDXD)
-Treated the mock casualties of the stretcher drill ( guys from St. John Junior) ice cream... ( money was given by Mr. Wong Seng Kim)
-Stored all the items used during stretcher drill

Day 2....It gets better:
-Arranged and cleaned tables to be used for cases
-Preparing the items needed for home nursing ( Don)
-Shifted the challenge trophies from the office to the hall ( Me and Eric)
-Brought other first aid items from the training room ( Me..)
-Coordinators for the cases ( I was the coordinator for the nursing cadet short case...XDXD)
-Timekeeper for the cases ( And the lucky one(s) is..(*drum roll*)..CHAM & ERIC!!! XDXD He was timekeeper for Ambulance Adult short case while Eric got Ambulance Cadet Short case)
-Helper for Home Nursing category ( Yoong Xiang and, Yoong Xiang was called at first to help. Lippy was just an innocent spectator..haha)
-Arranged the trophies ( Don.. Wow, took him 3-4 hours just for this job)
-Arranged the chairs for closing ceremony ( me and Cham)
-Kept all the items back into the storeroom ( me and Cham) ...Epic win, Cham asked me whether I wanted to play stretcher drill.. Turned out that it was just keeping the heavy stretchers back into the storeroom...=.='
-Presented the trophies to Mr.Manin Singh to be passed to the guest of honour and then to the winners.. ( me and Don) Freakin tired because the tray was heavy( not really) with certs and trophies with it and I was exhausted to boot

Yes, it was indeed a tiring weekend. However, it was self satisfying in itself. Anyway, this year's comp was kinda interesting as there were new schools and old schools which skipped last year's comp... Anyway here are the winners

Overall Champions
St. John Juniors Cadets: Yu Ying
St. John Junior Nurses: Ave Maria Convent
Ambulance Adult: San Min, Teluk Intan
Ambulance Cadet: Poi Lam
Nursing Adult: Ave Maria Convent
Nursing Cadet: Ave Maria Convent

Yes... as you can see, AMC dominated the entire competition by bring back the overall champion's challenge trophy for both nursing categories as well as St. John Junior...O.O
         Anyway, it was an interesting event and I had gained many good experiences form it. Congrats to all the winners and to those who didn't get it, there's always next year...Cheer up

Ps; Just for your information, I was busy throughout the competition and I didn't get to spectate the teams' performances in each category. So, please don't blame me if the information above is unsatisfactory to you. I'm just blogging about what I've experienced as a helper in this comp... :P 

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Today was the day!! JPA scholarships interview..After finding out that I wasn't shortlisted at all for the other scholarships I applied for... the stakes just got higher T.T
                  Anyway, it was a fun and interesting experience and it has really taught me a lot.
                  I arrived at Velodrome at 2.00pm.. Kinda early as my interview was at 2.55pm...hehe Anyway,I checked my name and found out I was in Panel 4. So, I signed my name before sitting down.Throughout that time, I met a few church friends as well as Tan Wing and Tham Kuen Wei. Then, I realized the guy behind me was also in the same panel as me. So, we chatted while killing time.Before that, there was a kind lady who offered me a lot of tips regarding the interview. She also advised me a bit. =). Thank you!!. Around me, I saw a lot of people ( didn't expect this many people to show up O.O) Most of the guys were wearing slacks, long sleeve t-shirt and tie. As for the girls, some wore Baju Kurung while other wore long sleeve or short sleeve shirts with black skirts. Some even brought a coat along..O.o
                  At 2.50pm, my name was called along with the other guys and gals in my panel. At that time, I saw there were only 4 people in my panel, including me..After sending my folder and photostat copies, I thought we had to wait longer but BOOOM!!! It was our turn. WHAT!!? SO FAST!?!?!?!? I guessed all of us panicked. We were then ushered to the front of our room. There, the clerk gave us a few helpful pointers before we were ushered into the room.
                  It was a small room. In front of us were three guys. After wishing them good evening, they allowed us to take our seats. I was no.3. So, I took my seat in the third seat in that row. The first was a girl from AMC, the 2nd was a guy from Kelantan who is currently studying in UTP, I was 3rd and the 4th was another guy from SMK San Min. It seemed that the girl was taking accounts and the 2nd guy was taking diploma in engineering in Korea. The 4th and I were taking Engineering in Germany. It was a good thing I managed to chat with the 2nd and 4th beforehand...XD
                 Anyway, going back to the main topic, one of the interviewers first confirmed the courses we were applying for. Then, he asked us the reason for doing so in BM. Wow, when the 1st spoke, she was seriously fluent. O.O... The 2nd also spoke fluently. In my opinion, I spoke normally even though I kinda stalled for a little while at the end. The 4th also spoke fluently even though he also stalled for quite a while. Then, it was question time.

The second question was in BM:
Bagaimanakah negara kita dapat menarik pelaburan asing di negara kita?
Ok....Anyway, we were given two minutes of discussion. When we discussed, we were kinda relaxed as we heard each others opinion. Anyway, we then had to give our answers to the interviewer. The best part about this was that we spoke in order to our number. We didn't argue or anything. Everything was seriously systematic.  I was the third to give my opinion. Once that was done, 

The third question was then voiced out. This time, it was in English
As ambassadors of our country, how should you act when you further your studies overseas?
Again, two minutes to discuss and again, we gave our opinions in order.

Then, the last question came:
In Bm or in English, tell us more about yourself and why you think you deserve this scholarship?
 For this, question, I kinda crapped as much as I can. I mentioned about my time in St. John Ambulance Malaysia as well as my time as a prefect. Then, I gave a long story saying I am good in my studies and I can learn and bring back the knowledge I have gained back to my country and I can also help my country in solving problems such as Global Warming ( a little bit extravagent but I didn't care).

After that, the end. After thanking the interviewers, we shook their hands before exiting the room. After that, we were super relieved. We even talked to each other about how tensed we were. Even No.1 ( girl from AMC) also said that she was so nervous, she couldn't speak much , which I beg to differ. After collecting our folders again, I waited for my evac. During that time, I met Justin and Noel.
                   Overall, it was a great experience and I really learnt how to act under stress. Thank God for helping me during that time and granting me wisdom and courage. I felt that I did well considering that everything was super spontaneous. Anyway, I still hoping for the best and expecting the worst

Anyway, here are the tips which I heard and found out during this experience:
Attire is formal: Slacks ( black or brown) with a long sleeve shirt. A tie is a must as well as leather shoes.
Girls can wear baju kurung or long sleeve/short sleeve shirt with skirt. A coat is not really necessary ( coz not many people were wearing it)

Prepare all your documents stated according to the order beforehand . Preparing it a day or two before the interview will save you all the stress.

Interact with the buddies in your panel. Get to know them a bit before your interview starts won't hurt and it will feel less awkward when you discuss among each other during the interview.

Pray. ( I'm not joking) Pray to God for His guidance.

During the interview: ( tips I found out from other sources)
Chill, relax and don't panic. 
Try to speak fluently and calmly. 
Don't speak too loud or too soft. 
Mind your action and sitting position as the interviewer have their eyes trained on you most of the time. 
Don't forget common courtesy ( wishing and thanking them before and after the interview respectively). 
Cooperate with your buddies 
and don't dominate the interview even if the others are not that good.

Well, if you're gonna take your interview any time after this, I wish you all the best and let God take care of the rest.